Company Profile

Company Name :
CV Furniwell Calistaprima Design

Marketing Office and Gallery :
Jl Bukit Agung Blok P 5 Bukitsari Semarang
Central-Java, Indonesia
Phone: + 62 24 70 300 830
Fax : + 62 24 761 2097 , attn : Mrs Atik N
Mobile : +62 85 2258 29972
Email: /


Furniwell is a privately owned company with over seven years experience in the furniture industry. We are constantly trying to offer the best product, at the best price. We do our very best to make sure you have a variety of products to choose from, and we are constantly working to increase our product lines. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. That is why we ask you to contact us at any time. We want to make you feel comfortable and at ease throughout your shopping experience with us. We look forward to your purchase being a pleasant one.

Our products are made of best quality timber. It is proccessed in Kiln Dry Machine to reach 8% - 12% Moisture Content. The well-dried-wood will be stable and ensure "Free Trouble Buying". We believe that your next tenth, twentieth, or even hundredth orders are not only based on our price but also our quality.Only Free Trouble Buying can give us Long-Term-Business Relationship.


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