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Cushions are beautiful finishing touches for any selection of Furniwell Furniture . Made exclusively for Furniwell Furniture, they are available in kinds colors, and are sewn in a double piped style. They are made of all weather Sunbrella® fabric with foam Use Quick Dry Foam™ , which will stand up to years of normal exposure to sunlight and rain. All cushions have zippers for easy removal for washing.
Color: Call for available stock colors
: Wrap (center seam, smooth edges), fabric ties
Fabric: Sunbrella® fabric 100% solution dyed woven acrylic
Fill: Quick Dry Foam™ ®, approximately 2.5” thick
Care And Maintenance of Sunbrella Fabric.

Sunbrella® is 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabric. The name Sunbrella is synonymous with the finest outdoor fabric in the world. Sunbrella withstands sun, wind and rain while remaining beautiful for years. The secret to our long lasting color is found in the solution-dying process which locks colors into the acrylic fibers, so they can't wash out or fade. Fact is, Sunbrella is so durable, we use original Sunbrelle, and please don't accept an imitation outdoor fabric for your exclusive outdoor furniture . Please contact us if you need Cushion with sunbrella fabric, we appreciated and support that do you need for cushion product and canopy for umbrella and our exclusive Gazebo product.

Care of Sunbrella® fabric
We only use Sunbrella® fabrics to make our cushions and parasols. Sunbrella® fabrics are widely recognised as the best for use outdoors and are used extensively for awnings, boat coverings, convertible car roofs, outdoor furniture cushions, etc.

Colour fast Sunbrella® fabric is made from 100% solution dyed acrylic fibre. The solution dying process adds colour to the acrylic fibres while they are in a liquid state during manufacture, which locks in the colour and prevents it fading out due to repeated washing or exposure to strong sunlight. This is the secret to Sunbrella's easy cleaning & long life.

One of the best ways to keep your cushion or parasol fabrics looking good and to delay the need for vigorous cleaning is to hose them off on a monthly basis during the summer season with clean water. This practice will help prevent dirt from becoming deeply imbedded in the fabric and eliminate the need for more vigorous cleaning at a later date. In most environments thorough cleaning will be needed every year prior to the summer season.

Cleaning a parasol canopy on the frame
Parasol canopies should be cleaned on the frame and not be washed in a machine, as the leather pockets will spoil.

  • Brush off loose dirt

  • Hose down with clean cold water

  • Prepare a cleaning solution of a mild, natural soap (not a detergent) in water

  • Apply the cleaning solution using a soft bristle brush

  • Allow the soap to soak in

  • Rinse thoroughly with clean cold water

  • Air dry only and never apply heat to the fabric

Cleaning cushion covers
We recommend leaving cushion covers on the cushions for cleaning rather than removing and putting them in a washing machine.

  • Wash using natural soap (not a detergent) and rinse using cold water

  • Air dry only and never apply heat to the fabric

  • Never put Sunbrella fabrics in a tumble dryer

Dry cleaning
We do not recommend dry cleaning Sunbrella fabric. The chemicals used in the dry cleaning process will not harm the fabric but due to the high temperatures used during the drying process the heat may cause shrinkage.

Mildew & stubborn stains
Sunbrella® fabrics will not support the growth of mildew, but dirt on the fabric can lead to mildew growth, this makes regular cleaning important. There is no set frequency for the cleaning of Sunbrella fabric, which is largely determined by the local environment and the frequency and care with which it is used. Cleaning is required less frequently in a dry environment than in a humid one around heavy foliage. If stubborn stains persist you can use a diluted chlorine bleach/soap mixture for spot cleaning of mildew and other similar stains. Prepare a special cleaning mixture and proceed as follows:
· 114 grams / 4oz of chlorine bleach
· 56 grams / 2oz of natural soap
· 4.54 liters / 1 gallon of water
· Clean with a soft bristle brush
· Allow the mixture to soak in for up to 20 minutes
· Rinse thoroughly with clean cold water
· Air dry and repeat the process, if necessary

Is Sunbrella® waterproof?
Sunbrella® is not waterproof but it is water repellant. This means that during the manufacturing process a water repellant finish is applied to the fabric. The wear resulting from normal usage and cleaning will slowly reduce the effectiveness of this finish. If your fabric remains constantly exposed to the elements and water repellency is a factor then we suggest that you re-treat your Sunbrella® fabrics after vigorous cleaning with a water repellant treatment or fabric guard, available from marine shops.

Do Sunbrella® fabrics provide uv protection?
Sunbrella® fabrics have been tested and proven to provide up to 98% uv protection from the harmful effects of the sun, depending on the depth of color. White and lighter colored fabrics provide less protection than darker fabrics do. This protective factor is inherent to the product and will not be reduced by usage and/or exposure of the fabric to the sun and both are inherently flame retardant.

Sunbrella Cushion Care

Below are Furniwell recommended cleaning methods for Sunbrella fabric for some of the most common and toughest stains.

Types of Stains Recommended Cleaning Solutions


Liquid detergent, white vinegar


Liquid detergent / ammonia (3-6% water)

Blood (Dried)

Detergent / ammonia (3-6% water)


Volatile solvent (acetone)

Charcoal & Pencil Marks

Vacuum, then liquid detergent

Catsup or Mustard

Liquid detergent

Chewing Gum

Volatile solvent (acetone)


Liquid detergent, ammonia water


Detergent, white vinegar, volatile solvent (acetone)


Liquid detergent


Paint, oil or grease remover

Egg (raw)

Liquid detergent

Grape Juice

Liquid detergent


Liquid detergent

Grease (car)

Volatile solvent (acetone)

Ink (Permanent, India, Ballpoint)

Paint remover, volatile solvent (acetone), detergent

Iron Rust

Oxalic or citrus acids, water


Paint, oil or grease remover


Paint remover, volatile solvent (acetone), detergent, water


1/ 2 cup bleach and 1/ 4 cup mild soap per gallon of water


Liquid detergent

Nail Polish

Volatile solvent (acetone)


Volatile solvent (acetone)

Orange Drink

Liquid detergent, water

Paint (Latex), Wet

Liquid detergent, water

Paint (Latex), Dried

Paint, oil or grease remover

Paint (Oil or Lacquer)

Paint, oil or grease remover

Shoe Polish (Liquid)

Volatile solvent (acetone)

Shoe Polish (Wax)

Apply heated iron over towel, volatile solvent (acetone)

Suntan Lotion

Pine Power® or pine oil detergent


Liquid detergent

Tomato Juice

Liquid detergent

Tree Sap

Turpentine, liquid detergent


Liquid detergent, white vinegar


Detergent, water, white vinegar

Water Color

Liquid detergent, water, white vinegar

Wax (Candle)

Apply heated iron over towel, volatile solvent (acetone)


Liquid detergent / ammonia (3-6% water), white vinegar


We also make custom cushions! There are many styles for Indoor furniture and Out Door Furniture, fabrics, and fill to choose from. Please contact us with the exact sizes along with the height of each cushion. We will be glad to give you an estimate.

Custom Cushion
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