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Neo Classic Console GSFC 3002


We realize you have many options in importing outdoor furniture and Indoor Furniture. We appreciate your consideration of Furniwell Furniture Teak in your selection process. Many customers wonder why there can be a large range of prices for what looks to be the same or similar item in a website or catalog photograph. In a photo it is easy to see similar styles of furniture that seem comparable, but it is difficult to see the details which separate good quality furniture from low quality goods which are made to compete on price alone.

Furniwell Furniture furniture is made using top grade teak wood (PERHUTANI Quality), and our furniture is made with precision craftsmanship. Before making any purchase, we encourage you to compare our quality, our product weights, our reputation and our prices with other well established, high quality manufacturers. For more information, or if you have any questions, please call us at
+62-85-2258-29972 or  Please send by Fax : +62 24 761 2095

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